Hayley Atwell On Why Agent Carter Was Cancelled And Her Hopes Of Coming Back To The MCU

Most of us are still a little sad that one of screens’ kick-arse ladies, Agent Peggy Carter had her stand alone television series cancelled. Agent Carter, which ran for two seasons, was pulled in 2016 much to the shock of die-hard fans.

Hayley Atwell, who has played Agent Carter since we first saw her in 2011’s Captain America : The First Avenger recently sat down with IGN while on a press tour for her latest project Howard’s End and discussed how the show came to end up in the ‘gone too soon’ pile.

“You know Marvel and all the creatives behind the making of the show loved it. And we loved it. We all loved making it,” Atwell said. “It was a network political thing. They wanted to put me in something mainstream [Conviction] to get their ratings up rather than something that was more genre specific. There were a lot of economic decisions behind it and I wasn’t a part of the conversation.”

Atwell adds that “We were all really surprised about that because we kind of got the sense that people were liking it. It had this cult following.” Atwell acknowledged that this manifested itself in the many internet campaigns to revive the series, saying, “So I know there’ve been online campaigns for it and the fact that we know that she lives until the age of 96 means that technically I could be employed for the rest of my life, you know.”

Peggy Carter has become a beloved character within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Atwell reprised her role in Captain America : The Winter Soldier as well as in Avengers : Age of Ultron and Ant-Man. The TV series gave her a chance to expand on how Peggy became a founder of S.H.I.E.L.D. and given she was a women well ahead of her time, she resonated with people.

So could we see her again in films ? Atwell certainly hopes so : “I’d love to see her more in films. I’d love to see her in her own film, and if we can keep evolving it so that she does new things so that I can surprise myself and she can keep surprising me then I’d love to do it.”

While the character could not be brought in to the latest timeline MCU films (she was tearfully farewelled in Captain America : Civil War remember), there are still cinematic devices to bring Atwell into the storylines and show just how important she is to the story arc. Captain Marvel is to be set in 1990-something, so it would be awesome to see Brie Larson and Hayley Atwell on screen together and if all goes well with that relationship for example.

Of the legacy Atwell’s character has she said, “I feel very privileged to be part of something that people really love and that entertains them. But also, you’re going to these conventions and meeting people who’ve named their son Carter and people who have a tattoo of “I Know My Value,” the series’ tagline. She’s a force of good and there are a lot of social media sites where girls and guys have come together and become good friends on an international scale because of their belief in some of the values that Peggy talks about. And that provides them with a different connection that a family situation or school situation that they don’t really feel they have a place in. That’s really cool to me. So I’m very happy to be a part of that world and keep that going.”

Atwell’s latest period piece, the revamped Howard’s End is scheduled to be screened on the BBC later this year.

Source : 4ye du 02/08/17 par Jacie Anderson

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